General Guidelines

  • Funding is contingent on continued allocation of federal HOME Program funds from HUD.
  • Maximum assistance is $5,000
  •  Minimum eligible assistance is $1000.
  •  Maximum purchase price of home:$119,000. (*maximum purchase prices change annually)
  •  Appraisal is required.
  •  Either the seller or the homebuyer must contribute a minimum of $1,000.00 of the home sale price toward the down payment.
    The down payment may come from a combination of Westland Homebuyer Program, gifts, grants, or loan from a relative, non-profit organization or other public agency
  •  Refinancing assistance is not available.
  •  National Faith Homebuyers will manage the program for the City of Westland.

Homebuyer Assistance May be used for:

  • Down Payment Assistance
  •  Eligible Closing Costs such as:

Pre-Paid Taxes, Interest, Lenders Points, Application Processing Fees, Credit Report, Title Search and Title Insurance, Document Preparation Fees, Appraisal, Mortgage Survey, Loan Fees, Broker Fees, Builder Fees, Recording Fees, Architectural/Engineering for Cost Estimates, Safety Testing prior to occupancy, Legal Fees for reviewing loan or purchase documents related to the sale and closing, Private Mortgage Insurance, Lump Sum Processing Fee.

  • Excluded Closing Costs:

Homeowners Insurance & Real Estate Commissions.

If you have any questions regarding the HomeBuyer Program please send me an email or call:  313.255.9500 and ask for Keisha Sanders-Hajdu

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  1. Homebuyer must be minimum of 18 years old.
  2.  Annual gross income must not exceed 80% of Detroit median income as determined by HUD income limits, adjusted by family size.
  3.  Homebuyer must meet income requirements at the time the household initially occupies the property or when HOME funds are invested, whichever is later.
  4.  Homebuyer must occupy the property as a principal resident for minimum period of 5 years.
  5. Household cannot own or have an interest in any other real estate at the time of purchase.

Ownership of a vacation home will exclude participation in the Homebuyer Program.

  1.  Homebuyer must work with National Faith Homebuyers Program.
  2. Homebuyer is not required to meet income guidelines after the assistance funds are provided. Monthly housing payments should be affordable at the time of purchase. The program does not monitor monthly housing payments during the term of the mortgage.
  3. Homebuyer must meet a liquid asset limit of no more than $5,000 per household.
  1. A purchase offer is contingent on the Homebuyer obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy from the Westland Building Department. The unit must pass the City Home Certification Inspection. All mandated repairs must be made prior to closing. The property must meet Housing Quality Standards at the time of initial occupancy.
  2. All new construction properties must meet local new construction codes, zoning, the model energy code, and Wayne County noise mitigation standards for any structures located in a designated noise mitigation zone (65-70 decibels).
  1.  Eligible property may be located anywhere within the City of Westland.
  2.  Eligible properties may be single family detached homes, condominium unit ownership or a duplex, if one unit is owner occupied or both units are vacant. If a property has a leasehold tenant in place, the unit is not eligible unless the Homebuyer is the tenant. If the unit had a tenant in place prior to sale, the unit must be vacant for a period of (4) four months, prior to the time of sale.
  3.  Homebuyer must obtain ownership in fee simple title by warranty deed.
  4. Mortgage financing is required for all transactions; land contract and lease/purchase financing is not eligible.
  5.  Manufactured or modular housing is eligible, provided the housing is located on minimum of a single lot with a permanent foundation; and permanent utility hook-ups, on land that is held in fee simple title. The unit must also meet all applicable state and local building codes and zoning requirements, based upon the date the unit was built.
  1. Homebuyer may not sell the property during the term of affordability, five years from the date of closing. If the Homebuyer sells or refinances during the affordability period, the assistance must be fully repaid (no proration or deduction) to the City of Westland. This recapture provision will be enforced by a second mortgage lien on the property.
  2. At the end of the five-year affordability period, provided the Homebuyer has met all program requirements, the first $5000 lien on the property will be discharged. For loans up to $10,000, the second $5000 must be repaid at the time of sale, also enforced by a second mortgage lien on the property.

Processed through National Faith Homebuyers Program

  • The City of Westland refers interested applicants to National Faith Homebuyers Program.
  • The National Faith Homebuyers Program:
    • Step 1 Information Session
    • Step 2 Application Process
    • Step 3 Action Plan Panel
    • Step 4 Credit Repair
    • Step 5 – Workshops on:  Ready to Buy a Home?,  Budgeting & Credit, Understanding Your Credit , Getting a Mortgage Loan,  Shopping for a Home,  and Closing on Your Home
    • Step 6 Bank Financing
    • Step 7 Shopping for a Home
    • Step 8 Welcome to my New Home
  • Application packet submitted to the Westland Department of Housing & Community Development for approval.
  • The Homebuyer must complete a home ownership counseling program, provided by National Faith.
  •  If approved, a closing date is determined and down payment assistance is provided by City of Westland. A representative from National Faith will attend the closing.
  • Minimum time frame from initial inquiry to closing is 60 days. Many factors impact this time frame, depending on status of Homebuyer at time of application.


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