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Atlanta Homebuyers Guide to Buying in a Seller’s Market

The Atlanta real-estate market is constantly changing. As a result of quite a few things; from record-low mortgage rates to incredibly low supply, which have resulted in a heated seller’s market across the entire United States, including Atlanta, Georgia. This makes the already complicated homebuying process even more complex. That’s why we put together this […]

Your Guide On How to Stop Foreclosure

Your Guide On How to Stop Foreclosure If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments, foreclosure may be something that you see coming over the horizon. However, you still have time to try and save your home, delay the foreclosure process, or put yourself in a better spot in the long-term by saving your […]

Operation Homebound

There are between 78,000-83,000 veterans in Wayne County alone. That’s the largest amount of veterans in the entire state of Michigan. Veteran homeless rates are high. The homeless population has almost twice as many veterans within it as the general population does. This hits marginalized groups disproportionally harder, with roughly 45% of the homeless veteran […]

How to Choose a Homebuyer Assistance Program

How to Choose a Homebuyer Assistance Program Buying a new home, especially buying a home for the first time, can seem like a daunting task to many. Many people choose to put off buying their own home because they have struggled to save up for a down payment, or they are worried about their credit […]