Beware of Scammers

 A “ FORECLOSURE PREVENTION SPECIALIST”  These scams involve someone taking large fees up front to negotiate with your lender and “save your home.” There is no need to pay someone to speak to your lender on your behalf – most lenders will work with you directly to help you save your home. THE LEASE / […]

Possible Warning Signs of a Predatory Loan – Part 1

Predatory lending is the practice of using unfair, deceptive, and abusive tactics in lending money. Unscrupulous lenders in the mortgage and consumer lending industries take advantage of borrowers who are less knowledgeable about lending practices, getting them to agree to loan terms that are not only less than desirable, but also financially damaging. Predatory lenders […]

Possible Warning Signs of a Predatory Loan – Part 2

Problems with “Subprime Loans” Subprime loans have played an important role in helping millions of consumers achieve homeownership, but, unfortunately, some lenders abuse their role and take unfair advantage of vulnerable borrowers. Here are some common problems with predatory loans: HIGH INTEREST RATES AND FEES Predatory lenders often charge extremely high interest and fees that […]